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Nicolina is a journalism graduate and transplant from Canada. She met Liah and Anas in spin class and was brought on board to help spread the word about water, the environment, and to share a kebab at lunch every now and then.

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The story of chocolate…



This little Freddo is familiar to most of us. He’s creamy, delicious, and considerably less sinful than other, larger, chocolate bars sitting at only 35 grams.

So it may surprise you to learn that to make this little froggy confection — just this one — it took 840 litres of water.

In fact, it takes 24,000 litres of water to make one kilo of chocolate, or, roughly, 28 and a half Freddos.

Although this is an entirely depressing fact, it opens our eyes to how much water is consumed by humans in ways we may not have thought: not just in the taps we leave running, the bottles we buy, the lawns we water, but in how the food we consume is prepared.

And so this little Freddo inspires us to learn more about our environment as a whole and how we interact with it. What are we doing well? Where can we improve? How can we make the most of our little slice of life in this universe?