Meet the Sludgey Duckling

    • (Tazmania)
    • part of a series of things we are developing
    • Flagship is actually a ship
    • Basic: Used fish finder technology to map sludge
      • More accurate, easier, saver, fun, more data
    • Why does sludge need to be measured
      • What are waste water ponds
      • Settle out solids, forms layer on bottom
      • Treatment is algae and bacteria in system
      • Die and become part of sludge layer
      • More sludge, less treatment volume
      • Will need o be removed and is very expensei


    • What other applications does this technology have? What can mapping other bodies of water tell us
      • Canning river
      • Mapping bottom of water
      • Rottnest island authority
        • 8 salt lakes
        • Never knew how deep they were
        • 8 metres deep thought
        • Manage plans for nutrient run off
        • Manage the great lakes to know the depth so you can manage them to learn and study to track changes
        • Can check volume
        • Volume to know how to use it, levels
        • Water is money
        • You developed code to calculate volume rather than making an educated guess
        • Pump sediments into weawter
        • Can check how much water is lost
        • Is this a good thing for tracking pollution
        • Bobard the bottom with sound
        • Sonar comes out like a cone very quickly
        • Initially to solve the sludge problem but now multiple uses
          • Volume
          • Tracking pollution
        • Problent to solve put on paper, build, ry, sometimes fail, and then succeed


Where it’s been, wher it’s going

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